Thermal transfer introduction

Thermal transfer printing is to design the pattern, make a copper plate, and then engrave the pattern on the copper plate in different colors through an electric engraving machine. As shown in Figure 1.

Then take the copper plate to the printing machine to print the pattern on the PET film, and then transfer the pattern to the product through a thermal transfer machine.

Mainly used in plastic, EVA, stainless steel, suitable for mass production.

Heat press machine selection:

  1. The core component of the heat press machine is the heating plate, so you should pay attention when choosing a heat press machine.
  2. The upper and lower plates should be made of aluminum, and the heat pipe is cast in the aluminum plate. If the upper plate is grooved on an aluminum plate, and then pasted on it with a heat pipe, it will cause unnecessary energy loss, and there will be disadvantages such as slow heating up and large temperature difference during use.
  3. If the lower plate is made of iron or other materials, it will be easily deformed and aged if it works in a high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time.
  4. Depending on the area of the heating plate, there are weight standards for the upper and lower plates. If it is too light and thin, the heating plate will be easily deformed and affect the use. Generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the more reliable the performance. After the upper plate of the heat press machine is pressed down, it should be absolutely parallel to the lower plate. If you want to test whether the upper and lower boards are tightly connected, you can place a piece of cardboard or other sheet-shaped tough material objects at the four corners, and then press down the handle. Pull it out to know whether the upper and lower plates are flat and whether the machine is qualified.

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Thermal transfer introduction
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